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We stock most major fertilizer/nutrient brands and products, as well as a great selection of ballasts, reflectors, bulbs, pumps, fans, DIY hydroponics components, and indoor greenhouses.


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Hydroponic Supplies

We work with all major suppliers to get you what you need.

Soil and Organics

We have a great selection of organic and standard soils, as well as Organic Fertilizers and Pest Control

Always in stock: Foxfarm Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Pro-Mix, and CocoLoco. We also have a wide array of pots, grow bags, facbric pots, and soil ammendments.

If you are interested in making your own soil mixes, we have all the supplies you would need to do so. For those interested in testing your soil mixes for NPK, macro-, and micronutient content, the Rutherford Co. Agricultural Extension Center is open to the public and  provides testing.

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