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Gardening Year-round


Truth is, anyone garden 365 days a year. If you're a gardener (or maybe you're still working on that title), you know that once the Fall harvest is over, there's about 3-4 months of just waiting until Spring. Here's the good news -- you don't have to wait! 


Taking the skills you've acquired working in your greenhouse, raised beds, aquaponics, hydroponics, containers, etc... you can use that same knowledge indoors. It doesn't matter if you are a soil gardener or work with hydroponics, the #1 factor limiting plant growth is the sun.


The industry that helps you to bring everything indoors --- and be successful --- has come a long way. This is true especially in the last decade. No longer is an indoor-gardening enthusiast limited to noisy, heat-producing magnetic ballasts and bulbs. From Light-emitting Ceramic & High-powered fluorescents to Double-ended HPS & LED's, there is something for everyone.


MidTN Hydroponics is your one-stop shop in indoor & outdoor gardening. We are here to provide everything you need to be successful, including our expert knowledge. Below are some links and FAQs with more information on specific topics that will help you on your journey to be the best gardener you can be.



The essentials:


  • Terminology



  • Water


  • Nutrients


  • Air


  • Pests & Diseases


  • Measurement Conversions




  • Hydroponics


  • Aquaponics


  • Soil


  • Organics


  • Wheatgrass!