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After 6 years in business, MidTN Hydroponics will be closing the doors for regular hydroponic & garden supplies and transitioning to a streamlined FoxFarm dealer. Over the last couple years, consumers have increasingly chosen Amazon, and other online retailers, as their primary source to purchase these supplies while relying on local stores to instruct on how to use them. Additionally, corporations like Hawthorne Gardening Company have cannibalized a once-thriving industry by buying the highest-grossing companies (Sunlight Supply, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Gavita, etc) and undercutting local stores by selling direct-to-customers. Eventually, these products will end up in Wal-Mart or Home Depot, etc. This is not a viable business model for us, so we have chosen to pivot and quietly remove ourselves from this industry. With all that said, you will notice some changes: 1)  we will be selling about 90% of our stock and not replacing it, so if you need something local, come grab it while it lasts, 2) special orders will still be made, but we will require pre-payment, no exceptions, 3) no discounts will be issued from this point forward unless a bulk-order was made and the discount was discussed in advance, 4) all floor displays will be sold (as-is) at discounted prices, including light fixtures, tents, and accessories, 5) we will begin applying closeout pricing to select items until they are  gone, and last 6) the advice we provide will only relate to those products that we sell and that you have purchased from us.


Owner/Operators :

Jason & Lori Chambers

                                 (615) 900-3781

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