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Middle Tennessee

Hydroponics & Gardening

BORN 2014 - PIVOT 2023

Nashville Hydroponic Supplies
After almost 10 Years in Business, we are closing out all of our Garden Supplies and transitioning to Herbal Apothecary products. We still sell some soil and fertilizer (until gone). We are willing to make awesome deals on what products are left. Please call for product availability before driving to the store -- we are not responsible for not stocking what we are closing out.

We will not be responding to messages or answering questions as to why. We thank everyone for their business over the years, but local retail is dead.

We have also not carried Home Brewing Supplies for about 3 years.

Call before visiting our store as most of our supplies have been closed out permanently.

Located at:

1370 W Clark Blvd.

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

(615) 900-3781

Store Hours:

Mon. - Fri.,

10a - 7p

Sat.: 10a - 7p

Sun.: 12p - 6p

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